U.S. Market Entry

Boston Landing is skilled at helping organizations both evaluate the U.S. market opportunity and facilitate sales in the U.S. We work with companies to understand the market, the regulatory hurdles and the financial needs. We then create and help implement a plan to begin sales in the U.S. There are three phases:

  1. Evaluation of US market opportunity
  2. Preparation for US market entry
  3. Facilitation of sales in the U.S.
Evaluation of U.S. market opportunity

We work directly with management to understand their current products, their products in the pipeline and what they believe they will be developing over the next 3 years. The first step is evaluating market size and how the various products can be differentiated and sold into the U.S. market, taking into account the competitive landscape. This often includes primary and secondary research, we contact experts, thought leaders and corporate insiders to investigate if there is a need for the product and how the product will be used in the U.S. We then prioritize the products for U.S. market entry, define the resources necessary and the financial needs for launch in the U.S. and the return on investment. U.S. regulatory and government requirements are investigated early.

Preparation for U.S. market entry

This is a tactical phase which addresses how the “look and feel” of product presentation is different in the U.S. than in other countries. This phase is composed of developing the marketing messages, updating and/or creating the marketing materials including any outward facing information such as websites, and developing the plan for sales in the U.S. including trade shows and key opinion leaders/thought leaders. The marketing messages must clearly state the value proposition for the U.S. customer, the key advantages of the product, the ease of buying and the presence of a responsive company including a customer service team. The marketing materials should have a look and style that is similar to those used by other companies in the U.S., where consumers often make buying decisions based on seeing these marketing materials in magazines and newspapers. A 3-5 year sales and distribution plan is developed for the U.S. including personnel costs and timing of sales in different regions in the U.S.

Facilitation of sales in the U.S.

Who will sell the product and how it will be sold in the U.S. depends on the type of product being sold and the ultimate decision maker on the purchase. This will influence the distribution pathway and the type of personnel required. Because of the diversity and size of the U.S., we suggest starting in one region and getting the product established, learning from the customers and then expanding to the rest of the U.S. Boston Landing is available to participate in early sales of products and in trade shows.