Why Boston Landing

Boston is considered a leading center for innovation and development of cutting-edge products and services. Many companies would like to participate in and take advantage of the expertise, capabilities and financial resources in the U.S. but do not have a clear path to achieve this goal. Boston Landing allows companies to become part of the Boston community at their own pace and level, with little risk, gaining the knowledge, capabilities and relationships for success in the U.S. The leadership team of Boston Landing has long-standing experience in helping international companies succeed in the Boston community and globally.

The team has supported many U.S. and international companies and regional organizations to get financing and grow their businesses through relationships and resources in the U.S. Their clients understand that for the long-term growth of their organizations they should take advantage of the expertise, financial resources and capabilities of the U.S. innovation community. Boston Landing is filling this niche by offering global companies and organizations the opportunity to learn and grow their businesses through participation in the Boston innovation community and facilitating access to its experts and capabilities. Boston Landing is more than the team; it includes at its heart the people -- the executives, entrepreneurs and innovators -- that make the Boston supercluster the biggest and best in the world. Having a network of companies, investors, and business and industry experts is vital to the success of any venture. The shared knowledge, resources and consensus that come from this collaborative community are being offered to support your needs and to take your business to the next level.

The specific areas which we offer to our clients: